Jungle / Bella Ciao

DAIANA LOU – Back in the jungle

First time back on the streets doesn’t sound so special at first sight, but for Daiana Lou, is an immense step forward during the Corona-crisis. The two musicians love busking and playing at festivals around Berlin, Germany, Europe but this spring Corona had something against it. Now they can start giving love and life back to the streets and most important to the people. They used their time in quarantine at home in many creative ways, writing new songs, playing live-stream-festivals, shooting videos about their songwriting process and doing some amazing unplugged versions of old and new songs.

Their new album “Coordinates for colorful egos” has stories to every different kind of situation. The song “Jungle” and the Italian version “Giungla” have been written last year, but they have more actuality than one can think of. The duo decided to create a special version of this song with 10 other buskers and musicians from Berlin. A live-version which even more shows us in what kind of jungle were are stepping in. It is about going back to the nature, to the outside world which seems familiar but at the same time we have to figure out new ways. This song promises us a summer full of adventures and maybe some unsurenesses but mainly it is full of hope. Listening to it you have the feeling of taking this time to observe inside yourself, the world around and slowly get on your feet to start walking again.

Daiana Lou and their Street Musician Community is helping each other in this difficult time. By that they figured out that they love working together. So be prepared for everything that is coming from them!